Book an appointment | ZipID Verification of Identity for Real Estate Transactions(Cost from $59 as at 15 March 2019)

Blue Ocean Law Group recommend ZipID to our metro clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane Canberra as our preferred VOI agent

ID checks for property transfers

We provide verification of identity solutions for individual buyers/sellers, conveyancing practitioners, lawyers and mortgagees.

What Does Landlord Insurance Cover? | Canstar

If you own and rent out an investment property, it could be worth thinking about landlord insurance. Here's what it covers and what to look for in a policy.

Blue Ocean Law Group™ has been approved to facilitate your Title Insurance with Stewart Title Australia.

Full Disclosure: Stewart Title Insurance pay us a nominal processing fee for facilitating your Title Insurance. You are not charged any extra for this service.


Personal Guarantees [Love Loans] -> Smart List

So you are being asked to sign a Personal Guarantee... Remember the old adage the only things you can guarantee are death and taxes... B careful: A PG is something else it could go pear-shaped!


Verification of Identity (VOI) [Authentic or Fake] ➲ Smart List

Who are you with whom I have to deal? is the fundamental question formulated by Jeremy Bentham in 1843. In this age of fake news ID theft answering this question with confidence is fundamental!

Blue Ocean Law Group™ has been approved to facilitate First Title insurance for your Property

Full Disclosure: First Title Insurance pay us a nominal processing fee for facilitating your Title Insurance. You are not charged any extra for this service.

‎Blue Ocean Law Group offers clients -> PEXA Key

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, or both, the PEXA Key app helps you settle with confidence. Use of the app to securely communicate bank account details is backed by the PEXA Key Secure Communication Guarantee for added assurance. Download for free via the App Store or Google Play. Find out more at: “It is easy to navigate and has got a lot of good information to keep you informed at every step of the process.” — Yolanri, property buyer


Off-the-Plan Property Purchases -> Smart List

Warning to Buyers: When you buy off the plan, you are paying for a property where the end product may not only differ from your expectations but be worth less than you have agreed to pay...

Unapproved Building Work: Illegal Spa Room

For more information visit Ask Blue Ocean Law Group™ about Title Insurance for your property.

The Law Society of NSW -> Conveyancing Dispute Arbitration Rules

(For disputes arising under the Contract for Sale of Land - 2005 Edition, Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land - 2014 Edition or any subsequent edition)

Calculate the stamp duty on the sale of land or businesses in NSW

The purchaser is liable to pay the stamp duty, and it must be paid within three months of the liability arising. For example, if you're purchasing an existing property (not 'off the plan'), your liability will arise when the contract of sale has been exchanged.

Boundary & Survey Defects: Encroaching Water Feature

For more information visit Ask Blue Ocean Law Group™ about Title Insurance for your property.

Calculating transfer duty - Queensland

Links to the online transfer duty calculators for Queensland. Self-Assessors can calculate transfer duty in OSRconnect, but can also use the online calculators or rates of duty. Exemptions or concessions may be involved.

Non Compliant Building Work: Windows & Doors Not Meeting Builder Specs

For more information visit Ask Blue Ocean Law Group™ about Title Insurance for your property.

Conveyancing Dispute Resolution Scheme | The Law Society of NSW

If you are involved in a dispute concerning a contract for the sale of land, and your solicitor is a member of the Law Society, the Law Society's Conveyancing Dispute Resolution Scheme may be able to provide assistance.

Securexchange - Safeguard property deposit funds from hackers

Blue Ocean Law Group uses Securexchange. It protects real estate agents, lawyers/conveyancers and buyers from the real threat of large financial loss during property exchanges.

PEXA Plus to lift the game for online property settlements

PEXA Plus, the new gateway to online property transactions, is now available in New South Wales, South and Western Australia. Melbourne, operational from 27 November 2018.

Policy documents - Foreign Investment Review Board

The Government reviews foreign investment proposals against the national interest on a case‑by‑case basis. This flexible approach is preferred to hard and fast rules. Rigid laws that prohibit a class of investments too often also stop valuable investments. The case‑by‑case approach maximises investment flows, while protecting Australia's interests.

Land title practice manual - Queensland

Detailed 802 page guide covering the full scope of required practice and procedures for preparing and lodging Titles Registry forms in Queensland.

Blue Ocean Law Group use IDfy for VOI Verification of Identity | An innovative service from InfoTrack

InfoTrack now provides an easy-to-use mobile application that allows us to to verify your identity as a new Client remotely or in person.

Check Your Credit Report & History | Free My Credit File

Manage Your Credit File And Protect One Of Your Most Important Assets. Get A Free Copy Of Your Credit File & Monitor Your Credit Reputation Now!

Queensland Globe

Access the Queensland Globe, our mapping and data online interactive tool, to explore Queensland maps, imagery and other spatial data.

How to complete a Client Authorisation Form

The Office of the Registrar General is managing the concession to ensure integrity, security, performance and availability of the NSW land titles system through a range of oversights, rules and directions, quality assurance and strong engagement with stakeholders.

Law Society of NSW
Stamp Duty
Real Estate
Contract of Sale
Titles Office