Florence Guild -> Smart List [Inspired by the Renaissance city-state]

Florence Guild -> Smart List [Inspired by the Renaissance city-state]

Est. @ Work Club, the Florence Guild Event Series features our brightest thinkers -> valuable insights to help members [including Blue Ocean Law Group℠ + our clients] thrive in tomorrow’s world.

Getting out of the way of innovation - Dom Price

Florence Guild Sydney Event – 2nd May 2018 -- Born to Joy in the harsh Manchester winter of '77. Well travelled, slight maverick who always speaks his mind. ...

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To help you feel more connected to your Work Club team whilst you're working from home we have created Spotify playlists for each location to get you through the day.

Florence Guild Conversation 8th April 2020

As we live through unprecedented times it is easy to get caught up in the endless messages of doom and gloom covered within the media, plastered across our social channels and seen with our own two eyes as we look out of our windows onto the deserted streets below.

April Masterclass: Differentiate your business in ways that really matter to customers

Identify, build and sustain your competitive advantage, customer value perception and growth - Choice to Growth April 30th, 9 - 11am. Work Club Online. Recognising why a customer chooses one brand over another is an enduring business challenge and all too often there is a disconnect between internal perception and customer reality.

Press Pause Play: Learning to focus in times of distraction - Suzanne Boccalatte | Florence Guild

We're living in a time of unrivalled connectivity with near limitless access to information at our fingertips-this is an attention-grabbing culture and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. It's been said we now suffer from constant restlessness, feeling that we need to do more, to move faster and break things to succeed.

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The Future of Work - Soren Trampedach | Florence Guild

A thought-leader on innovation and the new work culture, Soren Trampedach created Work Club to provide established businesses with a unique, boutique solution to the challenges posed by the rapid pace of change in the working environment.

Access Over Ownership - UrbanYou, Spacer & Car Next Door | Florence Guild

The 2-sided marketplace model, and the On-Demand Economy, are here to stay. The Uberisation trend is spreading to more verticals, as consumers become more demanding of instant gratification and technology enables delivery of services in a streamlined and cost-efficient way. It is far more cost-effective to share resources than invest in ownership.

Success, positivity and empowerment - Layne Beachley

Florence Guild Sydney Event – 6th February 2017 -- Layne Beachley AO is regarded as the most successful female surfer in history. Layne’s dedication to succe...

The Neuroscience of Leadership and Performance - Kristen Hansen | Florence Guild

Drawing from the latest neuroscience research, Kristen will summarise the findings in a framework called NeuroTREAD - how to think, regulate, engage, adapt and develop with the brain in mind. Think - Interpret core brain functions and what impacts effective decision making. Regulate - Recognise the brain's emotional triggers, response to stress and build resilience.

Tribes, Movements and Cult Brands: Lessons on Creating Something That Matters - Phill Nosworthy | Florence Guild

Ours is a world of teams, tribes and movements. For as long as there have been humans, we have obsessed with the power and potential of the group. Now, more than ever before, smart leaders must know how to harness their own storytelling and tribe building potential to create something meaningful.

How Australia could lead the world in FinTech - Danielle Szetho | Florence Guild

London, Singapore, New York - these are the markets people think of when they think FinTech. They are rich in talent, have loads of capital, and are homes to some of the world's biggest financial institutions. However, for a tiny nation of 23m, Australia has a strong case to be a world-leading FinTech market.

Speakeasy: Meaning, Money and Personal Mastery - Phill Nosworthy, Jessica Ellerm & Eran Thomson | Florence Guild

As modern professionals living urban lives, money seems so central to our understanding of meaning, purpose and success. But does it have to? Join cult favourite Phill Nosworthy of Switch L D and the celebrated Jess Ellerm and Eran Thomson of the explosive Australian fin-tech startup Zuper for a meaty conversation about money, meaning and killing the game.

Intro: Upgrading our neurology for thriving in the 21st century - Frank Cuiuli | Florence Guild

This 4 part workshop explores peak performance & flow states, in an interactive format leveraging leading sciences in NeuroPhysics, NeuroBiology and NeuroPsychology. This workshop is not just about providing research and case studies on what other people do, but rather enable you with practices to drive your performance in life to elite levels.

Riding the wave of exponential change - Kaila Colbin | Florence Guild

To wrap up our 'Antidisciplinary Future' speaker series, we have partnered with SingularityU Australia Summit and Pause Fest to bring you the future. What do nanotechnology, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and robotics have in common, and, more importantly, what do they have to do with you?

Brand with Purpose - Michel Hogan | Florence Guild

Brand is stuck in a time warp of thinking as ing or re dominated by marketing and advertising models and interests. This does not help organisations to sustainably navigate the complex relationship between what they do, how they do it and why they do it.

Getting out of the way of innovation - Dom Price | Florence Guild

Innovation is the buzzword of the moment, and let's be honest, as an economy and society, we're pretty terrible at it. So let's dissect, talk myths, and then talk action. Born to Joy in the harsh Manchester winter of '77. Well travelled, slight maverick who always speaks his mind.

Intrapreneurship, innovation and the future of work - Dr Natalia Nikolova | Florence Guild

We are at the outset of one of the most turbulent periods of what Joseph Schumpeter termed creative destruction. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, internet of things, and big data will impact every organisation and every job. The only way to survive this creative destruction is to be part of it.

Disruptive Customer Insights That Drive Competitive Advantage and Financial Results - Prof. Joe Urbany | Florence Guild

As commoditisation inevitably hits industries, organisations struggle deeply with differentiation and financial growth. Opportunities for competitive advantage, though, are often missed because of consistent misalignment between firm decision-makers and what customers actually value. We'll discuss how disruptive customer insights can be applied to drive growth through differentiated strategy, innovation, enhanced customer experience and ultimately deliver financial results.

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