GIG Economy [Freelance Workers] -> Smart List

GIG Economy [Freelance Workers] -> Smart List

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Uber and Lyft face 2 big threats to their business model after new California law

An Uber driver in California is wasting no time seizing upon a new law passed by the state legislature Wednesday that could reclassify ride-hailing drivers from independent contractors to employees.

World Clock & Time Converter

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How The Gig Economy Is Reshaping Careers For The Next Generation

How is the rapidly growing gig economy reshaping the careers of the younger generations, now and in the future?

The Future of the Gig Economy, Labor Law, and the Role of Unions: How Will They Look Going Forward? by William Gould :: SSRN

The article is concerned with the status of gig economy workers with relationships with multiple employers, first examining the conflicts which have emerged abo

The gig economy, also known as on demand, open talent or sharing economy, is currently one of the most controversial trends in employment law.

Its defenders claim that it provides boundless innovation and empowers both workers and entrepreneurs, while critics argue that it disenfranchises the workforce and undermines workers' rights.

Gig economy: EU law to improve workers’ rights (infographic) | News | European Parliament

Find out how new EU rules will improve the rights of the most vulnerable workers and ensure better working conditions.

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