Smart Clauses for Digital, Legal Agreements

With OpenLaw, you can issue purely digital, legal-enforceable assets with no coding necessary. Our latest collection of contractual clauses can be stacked together like legal legos to execute complex legal and financial transactions involving blockchain technology. Assets exist and power this world because there are clear terms, embodied in legal agreements, which bring each asset's rights and obligations to life.

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What is blockchain? What are smart contracts? How will they impact legal practice? Blockchain technology is transforming law. It is creating new practice areas, it is reducing overhead costs and it is creating entirely new business models for legal advice.

Doing business on the blockchain

The most strategic aspects, which are applicable to Blockchain Registers, Tokens Smart Contracts are those pertaining to the Final Link, the one that links the blockchains to the real world. More specifically the three aspects are as follows: Internet of Things Cryptocurrency in the real world Legal value: The legal basis on which contracts entered into in blockchain can be enforced.


The Jur Alliance -> Smart List

A think-tank of lawyers, developers and blockchain experts who will drive the future of legal technology to improve the delivery of legal services to clients globally Gareth Fenney -> Dubai

Horizon State's Jamie Skella breaks Blockchain down for us in this Florence Guild podcast

Understanding blockchain technology can be a daunting task, but it's important to understand its potential for transformative change.

Blockchain for Law Group

A private network of verified lawyers from around the world dedicated to exploring the intersection of blockchain and the law. Blue Ocean Law Group is a member of the Blockchain for Law Group.

Law & Blockchain #1: Scott Purcell

Explains the security token hype and how blockchain will make capital markets and the securities industry more efficient. …

Jur: Decentralized Dispute Resolution

A bridge between blockchain and the real economy. Developed to revolutionise the way contractual disputes are resolved.

Global Legal Blockchain Consortium

The Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC) organizes and aligns global legal industry stakeholders to enhance the security, privacy, productivity, and interoperability of blockchain technology. Blue Ocean Law Group is a member of the GLBC.

Blockchain Technology in Australia: An Update for Lawyers | Legal Insight

We take a look at why blockchain technology is now capturing the attention of lawyers and what has been happening recently in the Australian legal market.

In-depth on differences between public, private and permissioned blockchains

If you are looking into an application of blockchain or distributed ledger technology for business and enterprise blockchain solutions…

UTS Open - Free Online Blockchain Course

About this course In this introductory module we look at how blockchain can solve some of the most critical issues for online transactions: Trust Reputation Transparency

Blockchain's big opportunity for lawyers

Rather than killing off jobs for lawyers, smart contracts and blockchain would open up entirely new fields for legal work, experts say.


Empowering the global legal community to set the standards for the new era of legal practice built on the Blockchain. Blue Ocean Law Group is a member of LegalBlock.

Blockchain and Real Estate Law: not so black letter anymore

When you begin to imagine blockchain technology combining with real estate, long settled law begins to experience tremors.

Practical Examples Of How Blockchains Will Be Used In Legal Firms

Blockchain technology is likely to transform many aspects of how businesses and governments work. One of the biggest impacts will be on the ways layers and the legal profession do their jobs. Here we look at the key implications of the blockchain revolution for the legal sector.

18-122MR ASIC takes action on misleading or deceptive conduct in ICOs

ASIC is focused on misleading or deceptive conduct in the marketing and selling of digital or virtual tokens via initial coin offerings (ICOs). These offers can involve significant risks for investors that are often not disclosed or well understood.   How the law can apply  Misleading or deceptive conduct is prohibited under the Australian Consumer Law and the ASIC Act.

Kodak soars on crypto-currency plans

The photo firm Kodak is to create its own crypto-currency and provide a Bitcoin-mining service.

Home-where lawyers learn blockchain

Blockchain for Lawyers - where lawyers learn blockchain. Discover how this transformative technology will impact the world economy and the practice of law.

iOlite Bringing Blockchain to the Broader Public with New Project

iOlite Foundation's goal is to develop a new generation of blockchain by harnessing knowledge and information that is re-usable

Kleros · The Blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer

Kleros provides fast, secure and affordable arbitration for virtually everything. An ethereum project.

Accord Project IEEE Partner For Smart Contract Global Standards | Artificial Lawyer

The IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organisation, and smart contract and blockchain consortium the Accord Project, today announced an agreement to develop ‘techno-legal standards’ that will ...

Should Smart Contracts Be Legally-Enforceable? – Blockchain at Berkeley

Smart contracts are fantastic…when they work. But contract law is all about what happens when things don’t work.

Understanding Ethereum Smart Contracts

You might have heard the term “smart contract,” and you might even know that they are “code” you can run on a blockchain.But how can you run code on a blockc...

Follow the Money: 4 Lessons in Blockchain Lawsuits -

As the popularity of blockchain increases, so does the likelihood that it will be involved in a lawsuit. Some key findings include: Parties are using public blockchain information to support allegations. Parties can attempt to attribute knowledge of public blockchain information to others. Use of cryptocurrency creates business risk.

Decentralized organizations can solve the world's worst problems

Disintermediating human trade - business - is the first step towards a more fair world We take most power for granted. After all, humans enforce most of their social contracts by giving away some freedom. We usually think about intermediaries in a microscopic scale. We think about the guy who delivered us a package.

Legal Block

By using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency ecology, Legal Block offers a new paradigm for preventing and resolving legal disputes.

Blockchain Infographics

A summary of Industry sector wise #Blockchain use cases and prominent Implementations across #Retail #manufacturing #Healthcare #Government #RealEstate #DataManagement #Cybersecurity Posted on LinkedIn by @Chloe Hacquard @HighChloeCloud

Blockchain 101

It's the big buzzword now, but what are the basics that you need to understand to evaluate blockchain as a technology platform for you and your firm or department?

How To Build Your First Blockchain App (Blockchain Series, Part 3 of 4)

You're excited about blockchain as a platform -- now how do you get started back at the office? How do you even know which blockchain technology is best for your idea?

Real World Blockchain Solutions: (Blockchain Series, Part 2 of 4)

What are the real-world solutions that leverage blockchain today? Hear from colleagues who have actually designed and implemented projects using blockchain and are moving forward with the broad-based use of blockchain in their organizations.

The Future of Blockchain (Blockchain Series, Part 4 of 4)

What is the future of blockchain for legal services? What important prospective uses for blockchain in legal are still in their infancy?

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