New South Wales [NSW] Law -> Smart List

New South Wales [NSW] Law -> Smart List

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Have Your Say on Single-Use Plastics in New South Wales

Take action for the oceans! Make a submission to the New South Wales Government's consultation on single-use plastics products.

Help shape the future of Oxford Street - City of Sydney

A review of planning rules for Oxford Street and surrounds in Darlinghurst to secure the precinct’s creative and cultural future.


Pet-friendly buildings -> Smart List

Proposed New Section 137B Keeping of animals (1) A by-law has no force or effect to the extent that it purports to unreasonably prohibit the keeping of an animal on a lot.

Renting and COVID19: What you need to know | Tenants' Union

Here are the latest questions and issues raised with us at the Tenants' Union of NSW about Coronavirus COVID-19 and renting. We will keep updating this page as we have more information to share.


Noise can be annoying and interfere with speech, sleep or work. In NSW noise is regulated by the EPA, councils and Police depending on the type of noise source.

How to avoid living in a 'lemon' — what you need to know before buying an apartment

As revelations of another evacuation apartment in Sydney emerge, there are fresh questions about the consumer protections available for buyers in high-rise units. So what can you do to avoid living in a lemon?

The law catches up: tenancy agreements can finally be signed online!

Technology is having a significant impact on a lot of industries, and excitingly, real estate is no exception. A great example of where the law is starting to catch up in a way that will have treme…

Residents left homeless, crying in the street after Sydney high-rise evacuation

Residents mill around an entrance to Mascot Towers after being told to evacuate. A resident of a Sydney apartment block evacuated over structural concerns says he was left crying in the street and threatened with arrest after trying to re-enter the building to retrieve his pets. Key points:Emergency services were called to Mascot Towers on Friday night after cracking in the building's beams Nearby businesses have been told to stay shut today and cracking has appeared in a hairdressing salon wall

Law Week | The Law Society of NSW

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Lost Dollars | Have you been left money? (the above image is an extract - open this link to view the complete list).

NSW Trustee & Guardian occasionally administers estates or trusts where next of kin and or beneficiaries cannot, for various reasons, be established or located. Included on this page are a number of estates and trusts where all measures taken have failed to establish next of kin or beneficiaries. Under normal circumstances, where either entitlement cannot be established or beneficiaries located, proceeds from estates or trusts are held by NSW Trustee & Guardian for six years and then paid to the NSW Treasury as unclaimed monies. Any third party contacting you regarding lost dollars has not been engaged by nor do they represent NSW Trustee & Guardian. If you have any information about any next of kin or likely beneficiaries or are a beneficiary in any of the listed estates or trusts please contact us on 1300 364 103.

Federal jurisdiction

In Burns v Corbett [2018] HCA 15, the High Court of Australia decided that NCAT is not able to exercise federal jurisdiction of the kind referred to in section 75 or 76 of the Commonwealth Constitution. There are multiple situations where federal jurisdiction can arise. Examples include the following types of matters.

The new laws taking effect in NSW from January 1 2019

With a state election looming, families with children will benefit most, while road users will again be slugged with toll increases.

Know your rights | The Law Society of NSW

Are you wondering what your rights might be? The Law Society of NSW's Know Your Rights series covers some of the most important areas of the law. Find out more here.

Find a Justice of the Peace [JP] -> NSW

There is a new trial JP Desk at Barangaroo, Sydney CBD -> currently operating each Tuesday and Friday between 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The desk is located in Tower 3.

Making a will | The Law Society of NSW

The truth about homemade wills. Some people choose to make their own will. We think that is a mistake. Although writing your own may seem easy enough, the law around wills can be complex. When you make a homemade will, you risk not drawing it up properly or not expressing your intentions clearly enough.

NSW Law Society Mediation Program

Mediation is a means of resolving a dispute whereby a neutral person, the mediator, helps the disagreeing parties reach a resolution outside of a court room. The mediator helps the parties clarify the disputed issues and identify possible options but does not impose a decision. It is not the mediatorsfunction to give legal advice to the parties. Mediation is useful when the parties are prepared to negotiate in good faith and work towards a mutually satisfying agreement.

How to proceed with a deceased state in NSW?

Want to know whether you should apply for probate or letters of administration in NSW? Click on this page to find out.

When granny flats go wrong – perils for parents highlight need for law reform

Parents and children rarely put agreements about granny flats in writing and almost never consult a lawyer. But when these arrangements go wrong, the consequences can be disastrous and costly for all.

The Law Society of NSW -> Conveyancing Dispute Arbitration Rules

(For disputes arising under the Contract for Sale of Land - 2005 Edition, Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land - 2014 Edition or any subsequent edition)

Conveyancing Dispute Resolution Scheme | The Law Society of NSW

If you are involved in a dispute concerning a contract for the sale of land, and your solicitor is a member of the Law Society, the Law Society's Conveyancing Dispute Resolution Scheme may be able to provide assistance.

Mediation & Arbitration facilities | The Law Society of NSW

The Law Society provides purpose designed and appointed mediation, arbitration and meeting facilities in a private and secure environment. Located on Level 12 at 170 Phillip Street, the facilities offer superbly appointed rooms with adjoining party rooms. Please call (02) 9926 0279 for bookings, or use the online form at the bottom of this page.

Law and Justice Foundation - Legislation and Parliament

Legislation and Parliament This area provides links to the full text of Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation, parliamentary material, international treaties and the laws of other countries. Link to Federal, State and Territory government home pages. Commonwealth Australian Capital Territory New South Wales Northern Territory Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria Western Australia Australian Territories Australian Law Online [Attorney-General's Dept] Australian Treaties library [AustLII] World - legislation [WorldLII] British and Irish Legal Information Institute [BAILII] Canadian Legal Information Institute [CanLII]

A Legal Toolkit : New South Wales : Public : Foolkit

Free information on the law in New South Wales & answers to the questions people often ask lawyers. Access to Foolkit - A Lawyer's Toolkit. Acknowledgement: Permission to link to the Foolkit website kindly granted by Andrew Rogers, CEO at Foolkit.

Industrial Relations Commission (NSW)

Homepage -> Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) of NSW. Includes latest news and quick links to information about enterprise agreements, NSW awards, forms and guides, Industrial Gazette, unfair dismissal, industrial organisations and special wage..

How to access your NSW medical records or information

If you wish to access your NSW personal health or medical records, click here for information on related legislation.

NSW Online Registry | NSW Online Registry

We're making some changes to the NSW Online Registry that come into effect on 12 May 2018.

Applying for a Fencing Order at NCAT - Step by step guide

Want to know how to make an application to NCAT for a Fencing Order? Click on this handy step by step guide.

NSW Court of Appeal -> Legal Resources

An initiative of the New South Wales Court of Appeal supported by the Judicial Commission of New South Wales: created as a resource for legal practitioners and judges in Australian and elsewhere.


Links to Pro Bono (Free) Legal Assistance in Australia

When you can't afford a lawyer these links to legal assistance organisations + their publications can help.

Law and Justice Foundation - Judgments and Courts

Judgments and Courts This area provides links to Commonwealth, State and Territory court and tribunal judgments, home pages and related material. Commonwealth Australian Capital Territory New South Wales Northern Territory Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria Western Australia World - courts and case law [AustLII] British and Irish Legal Information Institute [BAILII] Canadian Legal Information Institute [CanLII]

How to use Court Lists | NSW Online Registry

Court Lists tell you the date, time and location of court matters up to three weeks in the future, and one week in the past. You should check the lists regularly, as the date or time of a listed matter may change. Use the website, or the app, to:

Calculate the stamp duty on the sale of land or businesses in NSW

The purchaser is liable to pay the stamp duty, and it must be paid within three months of the liability arising. For example, if you're purchasing an existing property (not 'off the plan'), your liability will arise when the contract of sale has been exchanged.


Notary Public in Australia, New Zealand or California -> Smart List

Curated links to help you quickly find a Notary Public in Australia, NZ or CA.

How to access our dispute resolution services - Supporting business in New South Wales

If you have a commercial dispute and your negotiations have broken down, we may be able to help. Learn about our dispute resolution services.

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