Links to Pro Bono (Free) Legal Assistance in Australia

When you can't afford a lawyer these links to legal assistance organisations + their publications can help.

Grata Fund

We enable Australians to hold the powerful to account.

Pro bono portal - Justice Connect

We launched our portal in a pilot with 14 Australian firms in March 2019. We will shortly roll out the portal with another 30 Australian firms, and are in conversation with a number of international stakeholders interested in investigating the potential of using the portal in their jurisdiction.

Public Interest Advocacy Centre

PIAC tackles difficult social problems that impact on the lives of many Australians. We conduct test cases and strategic litigation in the public interest and provide legal assistance, policy advice and training to create positive change to the lives of people who are disadvantaged and marginalised. Issues we address include: homelessness; access for people with disability to basic services; access to energy and water for low-income and vulnerable consumers; Indigenous disadvantage; discrimination against people with mental health conditions; the proper exercise of police power; the rights of people in detention; government accountability. Level 5, 175 Liverpool Street Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia P 61 2 8898 6500 F 61 2 8898 6555

Victoria Legal Aid -> Find Legal Answers

Disclaimer: The material presented here relates to the law as it applies in the state of Victoria. It is intended as a general guide only. Readers should not act on the basis of any material in this print-out without getting legal advice about their own particular situations.

Legal Services Commission of South Australia

Legal Services Commission - the legal aid organisation for South Australia. We provide legal aid, legal advice, community legal education, duty solicitors, family dispute resolution and child support services.


Check Your Credit Report & History | Free My Credit File

Manage Your Credit File And Protect One Of Your Most Important Assets. Get A Free Copy Of Your Credit File & Monitor Your Credit Reputation Now!

Subiaco Community Legal Service Inc.

Providing Legal Assistance to People in Need.

Find a Justice of the Peace [JP] -> NSW

There is a new trial JP Desk at Barangaroo, Sydney CBD -> currently operating each Tuesday and Friday between 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The desk is located in Tower 3.

High Court of Australia

Visitors on Sunday can wander around the building and enter the main courtroom where a Court Guide will explain the history, functions and contemporary role of the High Court.

NSW Court of Appeal -> Legal Resources

An initiative of the New South Wales Court of Appeal supported by the Judicial Commission of New South Wales: created as a resource for legal practitioners and judges in Australian and elsewhere.

Free Australian Legal Resources

These pages provide links to free online sources for Australian legislation, case law, gazettes, secondary sources, law reform and treaties.

The Pro Bono Scheme | Law Society

The Law Society's Pro Bono Scheme can put you in contact with law firms willing to provide their legal services for free or for reduced fees.

Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation

Our mission at the Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation is clear: social entrepreneurs will be more successful at tackling the worlds’ biggest challenges if they have access to quality pro bono legal advice from lawyers in the Lex Mundi global network.

Lex Mundi Pro Bono: Legal Resource Center

LawForChange is the leading source of critical legal information designed to educate and empower people and organizations dedicated to improving lives and bringing about positive social change.

Blockchain-based legal aid to promote access to justice

An Australian legal tech provider will launch a blockchain-enabled legal charity which it says will allow social justice initiatives to be crowdfunded by way of tax-deductible donations.

Welcome | Redfern Legal Centre

Since 1977, Redfern Legal Centre has been working to provide quality legal services to help people that experience disadvantage in the community.

Queensland Legal Aid | Helping Queenslanders with their legal problems

Legal Aid Queensland gives legal help to financially disadvantaged Queenslanders about criminal, family and civil law matters.

Legal Aid NSW

Legal Aid NSW homepage. Legal Aid NSW provides free legal advice and representation to people across NSW.

NSW Caselaw

Default View: Recent decisions for all Courts Tribunals

The law handbook: your practical guide to the law in NSW

The single most important plain English guide to the law in NSW.

Get help - Justice Connect (Australia-wide)

Answer a few questions to find the right Justice Connect service for you, and apply online.

Australia's #1 Legal Questions Forum |

Australian Legal Questions Forum. Ask a legal question today and receive answers to better understand popular legal issues.

LawRight - Access | Justice

LawRight (formerly QPILCH) is a non-profit, community-based legal service that coordinates the provision of pro bono legal services for individuals and community organisations.

What is Pro Bono? - Australian Pro Bono Centre

The Australian Pro Bono Centre's definition of “pro bono”, which comes from the Latin phrase “pro bono publico,” meaning “for the public good”.

Justice Connect |

On 1 July 2013, PILCH VIC and PILCH NSW merged to become a new organisation: Justice Connect

Factsheets and Self-Help Kits

Caxton Legal Centre’s factsheets offer information on the areas of law that we get the most calls about.

Queensland Law Handbook Online

A comprehensive, plain-English legal resource designed to help you deal with your legal problems.

eClosure Money - eClosure

Find lost or forgotten deposits and shares of a deceased relative. Apply for eClosure Money.

Law and Justice Foundation - Legal assistance

A list of organisations providing assistance to people with legal problems.

Humanitarian - Salvos Legal

Free legal service If you require free legal advice, assistance or representation, speak to a lawyer at one of our Advice Bureaus located in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria....

Judicial papers speeches published by Queensland Judges

The Library publishes a collection of judicial articles and speeches, as supplied by individual Judges and Magistrates.

eClosure Wishes - eClosure

A will covers how you’d like the tangible assets that you own (money, house, car, etc.) distributed after you pass away, but in the current day, so much that we own is intangible. eClosure Wishes is like a FREE will for your digital assets

Qld Court judges - judicial profiles

This database contains biographical profiles of current and former members of the Queensland judiciary, and is updated at the request of individual Judges and Magistrates. Search the complete list of all current members of the judiciary below.

eClosure Online - eClosure

Close or memorialise the online accounts of the deceased Free Service Close or memorialise social network accounts Close email accounts Close PayPal and eBay accounts

Caxton Legal Centre Inc. (Qld)

Caxton Legal Centre offers legal information in printed form and face to face through our community legal education work

Pro Bono (Free Legal Resources) Channel

A channel within Blue Ocean Law Group's free knowledge base.

Settling disputes out of court | Your rights, crime and the law | Queensland Government

Alternatives to going to court, including mediation, abbreviated mediation, justice mediation and facilitiation.

Neighbourhood mediation | Your rights, crime and the law | Queensland Government

Free dispute resolution for neighbours, including how this type of mediation works and how to arrange mediation for neighbours

What is an Affidavit? - Legal Blog -

An affidavit is a written statement of the facts of a case in your eyes. The person who is relying on the affidavit must confirm that the contents are true.

Calculate the stamp duty on the sale of land or businesses in NSW

The purchaser is liable to pay the stamp duty, and it must be paid within three months of the liability arising. For example, if you're purchasing an existing property (not 'off the plan'), your liability will arise when the contract of sale has been exchanged.

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