Clive Palmer dispute versus WA gives lessons for international arbitrators

Mining tycoon Clive Palmer’s newest legal battle – in which he is threatening to use a treaty with New Zealand to sue Australia for $45 billion in damages in response to proposed West Australian legislation – highlights particular professional issues and opportunities for those in the international arbitration space, according to a partner in a global firm.

15 Best Coffee Shops in Sydney

In case you haven't already heard, the sunny city's brews are arguably some of the best in the world.

How to make your text BOLD & Italic on LinkedIn!

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a professional platform and accordingly does not necessarily encourage an outpouring of visual creativity. But considering that LinkedIn is now an extension of our personal brand, I feel it is important that we are able to control that brand.

District Court refuses to grant injunction in dispute over right-of-way easement

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Digital Signature Services | SIGNiX

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Is A Digital Signature Legally Binding? | Secured Signing

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Get the Blockchain For Lawyers eBook

What is blockchain? What are smart contracts? How will they impact legal practice? Blockchain technology is transforming law. It is creating new practice areas, it is reducing overhead costs and it is creating entirely new business models for legal advice.

Verify an Apostille

Check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office created an Apostille - verify a legalised document

Finally, After Years of Legislation and Mistrust, eNotary is Becoming Big Business — Red Herring

Pick an industry. Next, try to pick an industry that hasn’t been disrupted by technology. Can’t? Well if you’d have said ‘notaries’ a few years ago, you might have won a point.…