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HiiL -> A social enterprise devoted to user-friendly justice. That means justice that is easy to access, easy to understand, and effective.

The Bugisu Project: a not-for-profit that exists to make a global social impact - one cup of coffee at a time.

A visit to Uganda in 2017 left a lasting impact on the Bugisu Project founders Brody and Darcy. Working on farms in northern Uganda, they met locals like Daniel Okinong and began to grasp the scale of challenges faced by young people and subsistence farmers. They also learned that some of the world's best coffee was growing on an extinct volcano not far away. An idea was born – Link coffee growers to a market that cares and use profits for good where they're needed most. All by starting an innovative zero-waste workplace coffee supply service in Australia. ​ This is the heart of Bugisu Project.

Extreme Poverty
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