Space law ‘needs to play catch-up’ to high rates of commercialisation

At present, our laws governing outer space have certain “open gaps” which bad actors may potentially be able to exploit, says one professional.

Moon Village Association

The Moon Village Association (MVA) is happy to announce the annual Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium which will be hosted online this year and coordinated from Nicosia, Cyprus. The Workshop will focus on the pillars of MVA's core goal; to support the growth and development of a sustainable society on the Moon.

LibGuides: Space Law Research Guide

Although Emile Laude, writing in 1910, is credited with first mentioning the future need for a distinct field of the law of outer space, it was a Czech lawyer, Vladimir Mandl, who published the first book on space law: Das Weltraum-Recht: Ein Problem der Raumfahrt (Space Law: A Problem of Space Travel).

To Infinity And Beyond: Space Law 101

During the last 50 years, many changes in space study and exploration have occurred: notably, sending the first artificial satellite to space tourism. That'...

Global Space Law Center

Online Course: "Space Law: a Global View" Cleveland State University is the only law school in the United States with a center dedicated exclusively to the study of the law of outer space.

Space: the final ethical frontier - The Ethics Centre

Space today is playing an increasingly important role in human affairs. And wherever there are people making decisions, ethical issues are sure to follow.

International Academy of Space Law (IASL)

The International Academy of Space Law is destined to become an industry classic, a competence fulcrum of responsible decision-making, an impartial and unbiased center of excellence in space vision, strategy, policy, and law leveraging scientific, technological, financial, and human resources to enable progressive development of global space governance.

Space Mining Emerging Future Legal Issue for Space Industry - International Journal of Law Management & Humanities

Mineral resources are oomph of the 1000 billion USD world economies. Scarcity in mineral resources brings with it, economic scarcity, both of which are a result of geological scarcity. The space mining explorations will lead to reorganization of the sector. The future of this sector and laws regulating asteroid mining are open to question. The present article is an attempt to make an assessment of such activities in the context of emerging legal issues that come along with commercial utilization of these resources. With the growing need for resources and such non-traditional missions, there will be difficulty in accessing the regulating legal aspects of space laws which results in scepticism. U.S. and Luxembourg have given carte blanche to privately-owned entities to use space resources and operate independently (legal rights) in low earth orbit (eventually deep space) through their domestic laws which they say comply with the obligation under international law. Propensity still exists due to lack of maturity in space mining laws and these truancyof relevant norms or a statute and any office administering space mining activities. This would foment resource conflicts in outer space

Space Commercialization and the Development of Space Law

Space Commercialization and the Development of Space Law published on by Oxford University Press.

2 large pieces of space junk nearly collided in 'high risk' situation

A dead satellite and an old rocket part, each roughly the size of a small car, would have littered orbit with space junk if they had smashed into each other.

Inside Sierra Nevada Corp's space plans, from the reusable 'Dream Chaser' to inflatable habitats

Sierra Nevada Corporation is investing heavily in space, especially as it sees NASA and other companies building infrastructure in orbit.

Milky Way Economy

Space, it's no longer the final frontier. Money is. With endless resources and diamonds the size of continents, who will own the Space Economy? Join us as we explore the economics of space.

First Space Economy Webinar: Introducing the Space Economy, 15 June 2020, 10:00 hrs CET

Supporting healthy, responsible, and sustainable growth of the global space economy. The global space sector is thriving. Over 65 countries have operated at least one satellite. Political and economic capital being invested in the space environment by governments and commercial entities is at record levels.

NASA: Artemis Accords

The Artemis Accords take an important first step to foster international cooperation for space exploration to the Moon and Mars.

The final frontier: sustainability in outer space - Law Society Journal

It’s been more than 50 years since “one small step”, and a new legal frontier is looming in outer space.

These Four Universities Are Trying to Figure Out Space Law

A team of four universities is working on the comprehensive guide to all existing space law, a field they argue is currently too jumbled to make sense of.

Australian Space Agency -> regulation

We have responsibility for regulating and authorising Australian space activities.

Moon Treaty

Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies

International Institute of Space Law

IISL President Kai-Uwe Schrogl addressed the 9th IAF Meeting for Members of Parliament on the need for sound space legislation. Click here to view The case Suniza v Azasi concerns the use of space resources for military purposes. Additional issues are presented regarding the use of abandoned lunar facilities, and liability for damages resulting from an explosion on the Moon.

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Moon Agreement
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