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[August-Sept 2018] bravenewlaw -> aiming to not only explore emerging issues and problems in biolegality - the coming together of biology and legality but also revisit the concept of personhood in posthuman and relational ways.

Bioscientific advances in the field of neuroscience, epigenetics, research on the microbiome, and immunology are encouraging thought-provoking problems for the foundational legal principles of personality as well as their attendant notion of personal rights. Hence, complex issues are emerging in the intersection of law and biology, an area of law that is quickly expanding and displaying highly composite problems that are challenging existing legal regimes. This Pop-Up Lab provided a rich environment of open dialogue to tease out these complexities.


Florence Guild -> Smart List [Inspired by the Renaissance city-state]

Est. in the exquisite surrounds of Work Club, the Florence Guild Event Series features our brightest thinkers providing valuable insights to help members thrive in tomorrow’s world.

Sydney Opera House -> Annual Antidote Festival

We are the ANTIDOTE. A band of speakers, thinkers and creators, united by the unconventional. We are the wayfinders. Explorers of our culture, our politics, our environment. We are the changemakers. Takers of steps and strides towards making the world a better place. We are waiting for you. Join us for a weekend of pioneering ideas, action and change.


TEDxSydney is the leading platform for the propagation of Australian ideas, creativity and innovation. Secure your seat to our flagship event on Friday 25 May 2019.